HP-THDe Touch Trigger Probe

Highly versatile touch trigger probe for outstanding measuring performance and functionality

The HP-THDe touch trigger probe has been designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and deliver highly accurate touch trigger probing with styli builds of up to 100 mm. It offers high-precision repeatability and low 3D form error thanks to a highly innovative opto-mechanical design capable of detecting nanometric movements in the X, Y and Z directions.

Excellent repeatability and 3D performance with styli lengths up to 100 mm
The HP-THDe touch trigger probe is recommended for applications with tight tolerance and those that require a high level of point density and high-speed measurement. It is also suited to applications that require long styli builds.
Adaptive triggering
Unlike other systems on the market, HP-THDe has an adaptive trigger than can be controlled by the measuring software and machine controller. The trigger parameters are automatically adjusted when loading a new stylus build, ensuring optimal measuring performance at all times.
Enhanced productivity
The HP-THDe benefits from a fast stylus change and increased module life compared to a typical touch trigger probe, therefore productivity is enhanced saving both time and cost.
The HP-THDe has been designed to be as robust as a standard touch trigger probe, reducing downtime and cost of ownership.

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